15 June 2010

Last Saturday in a balmy, Mountainville, New York, Storm King Art Center celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exhibition that explored its rich sculptural history. Part of the historic Hudson River Valley, Storm King features over 100 sculptures on an lush 500 acre estate, making it a “singular haven” for experiencing some of the most renowned twentieth century sculptors in a pristine and unspoiled environment.

The anniversary exhibition is located within the French-Normandy style mansion, and leads visitors through Storm King’s history, archival documents, exhibition timelines, landscape architecture, and the many processes and conservation concerns for some it’s major pieces (illustrated by artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Alexander Calder, Alexander Liberman, and Loise Bourgeois). The rooms of the mansion are beautiful and offers views of the sprawling estate, and sculptures in the distance.

The View from Here

Exhibition detail

Exhibition detail


3D CNC Model and projected history Storm King

Projection Mapping

Model Detail

Calder timeline and model of The Arch

Calder Model

Model of Five Swords by Calder

louise bourgeois - conservation room

David Smith Room

David Smith Detail

The grounds featured over 100 works from the permanent collection, and the landscape was absolutely stunning. I could have easily spent far more than the 4 hours I allotted to my visit. The 2010 season closes in November, and I highly recommend a visit. Sculpture heaven.


Louise Nevelson, City on a High Mountain, 1983

Alyson Shotz, Viewing Scope, 2006

Kenneth Snelson, Free Ride Home, 1974

Mark di Suvero, Mon Père, Mon Père, 1975-75

(rear) Stephen Talasnik, Stream: A Folded Drawing, 2009-10

Sol Lewitt, Five Modular Units, 1971

Mark di Suvero, Jambalaya, 2002-06

Mark di Suvero, Old Grey Beam, 2007/2010

Andy Goldsworthy, Storm King Wall, 1997-98

Andy Goldsworthy, Storm King Wall, 1997-98

Richard Serra, Schunnemunk Fork, 1990-91

Maria Elena González, You & Me, 2010

Magdalena Abakanowicz, Sarcophagi in Glass Houses, 1989

Alexander Liberman, Iliad, 1974-76

South Fields with longview to Mark di Suvero's Beethoven's Quartet, 2003 and Pyramidian, 1987/1998

Robert Grosvenor, Untitled, 1970

David von Schlegell, Untitled, 1972

Tal Streeter, Endless Column, 1968


Alexander Calder, The Arch, 1975

Alexander Calder, Five Swords, 1976